Friday, June 20, 2008

Whirlwind Week

Why is it that a weekend away is always followed by a week of insanity? It's been a whole week since my trip to the Walnut, Iowa Antique Show and I'm just now getting around to writing about it. (Honestly, I should be doing a million other things but, it's early and I've gotta drink my coffee before I start working)
So, the Walnut Antique Show – really nice primitives, collectibles, etc.– fairly priced…
Not for me. It was an "antique" show and many of the booths carried things that really were 100 years old or older. The vendors knew the value of their items and they were priced fairly. I'm more of a flee market type of girl. I like finding mid-century junk, at dirt cheap prices. None of us bought very much.
While the antique show was kind of a let-down, the trip itself was not. I went with four good friends and we had so much fun just getting out of town and leaving our responsibilities behind for a while. We had reservations at a hotel in Red Oak, Iowa and when we got to Red Oak after our day of antiquing, we were starving. We drove around Red Oak and after seeing all the gorgeous houses in town decided they must have some really great local restaurant somewhere. So we drove and drove with out finding anything. Finally, we found Johnny's Bar and Grill. The place looked kinda run down and frankly, I was a little afraid to go in. It was the best meal ever! The service was fast, the waitress was friendly and the food was a heart attack waiting to happen but delicious.
The route we took back home, took us through some flooded areas. My gosh, it was awful to see all that water, and we weren't anywhere near the areas that were said to be hit the hardest. I can't imagine how awful it must be to deal with that.

As soon as I got home, it was off to the park for a Father's Day picnic and the first s'mores of the season. Yumm!

So, here I am a week later still trying to get caught up. But it was so worth it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
I am totally idetifying with you on the "mid-century junk for cheap" comment!! I like to look at antique stores for inspiration, but the thrill comes from digging in boxes at a flea market and pulling out a treasure that is $2!! Thrift stores too! Glad you had a fun trip! Kristin

LisaPV said...

Great to hear about other antique show. I am newbie in the crowd. I have started going to my local monthly Antiques by the Bay, near Oakland CA and Im in love. There is a lot to learn however. Someone tried to sell me a salvation army pic frame that had a tag on it for $1.95 for $10. She even lied about the tag. Anyway, most of the sellers are awesome and the event is so big there are just so many good finds.