Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Finding Myself

It's been a while since I've posted anything here at Flying Time.

Wondering what I've been up to?

Well… I've been on a quest to find myself, to figure out who I am and what I'm all about. After some really deep thinking, here are the results of my quest:

If I were a TV Mom I would be just like Lois from Malcolm in the Middle (TV Mom Quiz) and the Super Hero I most resemble is Spiderman. My Austen Heroine is Elinor Dashwood and my Grey's Anatomy character is Isobel Stevens.

Vincent Van Gogh is my Dead Celebrity Soul Mate and my Classic Rock Song is Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones.

I'm probably quite psychic and the common dog breed I most resemble is the Doberman.

My personality type is either INFJ or INFP depending on the day and the questions, and I scored highest in the Visual/Spatial category on the multiple intelligence test.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Elinor Dashwood!

So there you have it. That's who I am. Who are you?

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Anonymous said...

I am an we are the same except for the introvert/extrovert part. I think blogging is so cool for introverts because they can pretend to be extroverts without having to physically be there, ya know? Even my kids can tell you what type people are, especially if someone is a P or J. We are all P's over here except my youngest girl. That means lots of messes!!
:0) Kristin