Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Happy Day!

My Happy Day!, originally uploaded by Flying Time Designs.

Actually it's been my happy week!
-Mom picked up a really fun '50s end table and some cute old children's books at the junk store (including this one) for me.
-It was my employment anniversary and I found out I had 3 unused vacation days! I thought I was out. I have 2 weeks to use them or lose them so, I'm taking tomorrow, Friday and next Friday off! Yeah!!!!!!!!
-Some friends and I made plans to go to the Walnut Antique Show together in June. It will be such a fun girls' weekend. I can't wait!
-My daughter played her flute solo perfectly at her performance last night.
-The weather has been nice.
-I found $10 in my pocket this morning!

Life is good, for now…

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Kristin said...

Wow!! What great blessings you have had this week!! I LOVE the book!! I am going to check out your vintage recipe cards now...saw them on flickr and I am dying over them!! Luv, Kristin