Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mid-century Momma, BFFs & the Undead David Copperfield

To a terrific friend that I've had since preschool and I know for many years more. Good luck with cruise directing, Tim and all your years at NHS. Let's party and have a great time!
Your twin friend,
Aimee ('86)

To my "best buddy" remember when we used to call each other that? –I'll never forget the song. We've been through some really wild and crazy and sometimes really stupid times together! But I've loved every minute of it! We'll have to go "camping" again sometime but we'll have to watch out for the coyotes HA!
Best of luck always,

My friend, Amy celebrated her birthday on the 27th so to honor her, I dug out our old school pictures. The photo is of us in preschool and the quotes are what she wrote to me on the back of her 7th grade and senior pictures. In seventh grade we decided to spell our names differently. We also had our own secret codes so that we could pass notes in class and if anyone read them they would have no idea what/who we were talking about. We sort of looked alike and tended to dress the same. After a week of summer camp we found out that people thought we were twins. They were surprised to find out that we're not even related! Ohhhh… how funny to think of what weirdos we were in junior high, but really… who wasn't wierd back then? I hope Amy doesn't kill me when she reads this!

Friday, we had four couples over for "game night". This was the third time we've gotten together for games and it was so much fun (as always). When we played the TV trivia game, one of the guys made up a question about what killed David Copperfield and even though none of us could remember hearing anything about David Copperfield dying, we totally fell for it!

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.

–Mark Twain

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She is now officially a "senior citizen" . Wow! "Senior citizens" seem pretty young to me these days. That must mean I'm getting old or something! My mom and my grandparents laugh at my love of mid-century modern decor. Guess it is funny that I love stuff that was "in" when my parents were born.
We had mom and dad and my grandpa and grandma over for supper last night to celebrate mom's birthday. It was a gorgeous day so we grilled some steaks. Mom requested pudding poke cake for dessert. YUM! (shhhh…don't tell my kids I had a leftover piece for breakfast this morning!)

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