Sunday, November 12, 2006

Handmade'ns 2006!

Handmaden's was great this year! Everyone made really fantastic things to sell and I thought our display was gorgeous. We had two large vintage silver trees (and 1 new one) on the tables in the center with white cheese cloth and lights draped from the ceiling. We also had white tulle and lights along the table in the back. It looked like new fallen snow! The only sad thing was that we had such a mad rush of people when we opened our doors, that I don't think anyone really had time to notice our displays! Oh well! I have pictures.

A Handmade'ns daughter described Handmade'ns as a family holiday… Halloween, Handmade'ns, Thanksgiving, Christmas… It is like a holiday for us. We work so hard to prepare. We stress and wonder why we do this. Then the day finally comes. Our family and friends come to show their support for our creativity. A long line of people forms at the door, waiting to see what we've made. The doors open and within about an hour the tables are almost bare! It's like a gift to know that people really like and appreciate the fruits of our labor.

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